"logic will take you from A to B,

imagination will take you everywhere"

- Albert Einstein


"controversy is part of the nature of art and creativity"

- Yoko Ono


"there is no innovation and creativity without failure. period."

- Brené Brown




Aiko De Vleeschouwer...


Born in Kobe, Japan.

Currently residing in Antwerp, Belgium.

Nurtured bij East and West.


はじめまして - hajimemashite - pleased to meet you!


My passion for jewellery grew from the first little silver mermaid pendant that my father brought back from one of his long hauls abroad.


The ancient traditions of my motherland, the intermingled cultures I grew up in, and the new ideas that are now part of the modern world, all breathe inspiration into my work.


For a vibrant and contemporary feel, I like using semi-precious stones and precious metals, man-made materials such as Murano glass and Swarovski crystals, synthetics, as well as woods, seeds and bone.


From 2009 to 2013 I also studied silversmithing at the Technicum Noord Antwerpen.


This website is an album to showcase what I have made so far, and I hope you will enjoy browsing through these pictures and following me on this journey of discovery.


You can also follow me on my blog Aizi Diaries or on Facebook.


Meanwhile... apparently knitting is the new yoga, but I have been knitting since I was a grade-schooler. After a pretty long hiatus I took that up again with a vengeance, I love the new yarns available at the moment and trying out new stitches. Scarves can add an extra dimension to an outfit, just as jewellery does, so I've added pictures of these extra fluffy and warm accessories for you to enjoy.






member of SMartBE


Emile Féronstraat 70

BE - 1060 Brussel



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